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Stress Balls for Adults and Kids (4 Pack)

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Refillable Water Bomb Splash Ball

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Quick Fill Reusable Water Balloons


  • Desirable Material: Silicone water balloons are made from latex-free silicone, non-toxic and tasteless. Resealable water balloons with silicone formulation help to keep their shape when picked up and thrown.
  • Magnetic Self-Sealing: The refillable water balloon can be automatically inhaled when placed in water, and reused water balloon is automatically opened when it is collided or squeezed. The magnetic self-sealing will automatically seal the balloons.
  • Effortless & Speedy Filler: Magnetic reusable water balls are super easy-to-fill just submerge them in water to refill. All of this will now take only a second and reusable water balloons allow for uninterrupted fun.
  • Environmental Friendly: Reusable water balloons can fit in the palm of your hand, are made up of soft, flexible material, and reusable water balloons maintain their shape which can be used multiple times without knocking anyone unconscious.
  • [Numerous Occasions]: Magnetic reusable water balloons are perfect for pool toys, adults and youth, beach games, toddler beach stuff accessories, beach toys, sand toys, reusable water balloons for outdoor games and activities.
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Take out refillable water balloons to a pool party, to your backyard, to a barbecue, to the beach, or anywhere else to unleash summer no matter where you are! Summer is too short; make sure you spend it having to splash refreshing fun! The magnets on each side of refillable water balloon balls will help to secure each half for throwing long or short distances.

Say Goodbye to Stress: Magnetic water balloons with rapid fill capabilities which enable you to say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water bombs and say hello to never ending splash-out loud fun. Simply connect to a tap or a hose, fill, and make hundreds of water balloons with no hand-tying.

Recyclable & Reusable: Splash in the game with these activity-colored water refillable water balls for water games, magnet water balloons won’t damage after throwing, are recyclable and reusable, suitable for adults and families to use in outdoor summer games, fun, and fun for the whole family to enjoy. While the softness is just as gentle when impacting children’s skin.

Faultless Bonus of Summer: Silicone water balloons are an absolute premium for toddlers’ party favors, themed birthday parties, summer-themed party little toy gifts, and pool party favors for kids, teens, and adults. A water balloon fight is one of childhood’s great summer joys. Not only reusable water balloon balls are better for the environment, but they can mean your water balloon fight can go on for hours.

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